Carpal Tunnel Pain in Philadelphia PA?

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Professional Chiropractic Treatment For Carpal Tunnel in Philadelphia PA

Did you know carpal tunnel syndrome is a reoccurring stress injury as a result of repetitive motions such as typing? Carpal tunnel impacts millions of Americans, creating varying degrees of discomfort in adults such as weakness and numbness in the fingers and hands. While many individuals who are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel may think surgery is the direct route to take in regards to treatment, treating carpal tunnel without surgery is fairly common and can be a better course to take. You can count on Academy Injury & Health in Philadelphia PA for elite chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel, assisting you with the necessary treatment needed to return to the level of comfort you have been searching for.

In-Depth Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

As a condition that is a result of pressure being placed on the median nerve, carpal tunnel can occur from a wide range of causes, such as spine misalignment. At Academy Injury & Health, our team of experts provides our patients with specialized care for carpal tunnel, pinpointing the problem and creating a treatment plan to help combat the level of discomfort you are feeling.

We are firm believers that treating carpal tunnel without surgery is possible, allowing patients to find relief in a more patient-centered, holistic approach. We vow to work with you to answer your questions and thoroughly explain the process of our recommended course of treatment, from the moment you make your first appointment with our chiropractors. It is important to us that all of our patients receive the utmost care to restore comfort back into their lives and our mission is centered around ensuring your body is being supported in a natural way.

When Should I Seek Professional Care for Carpal Tunnel?

If you notice that symptoms are beginning to worsen or impacting your sleep patterns, you should seek a medical professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible. The earlier this condition is caught and measures are taken towards care, the better the patient’s outcome will be.

For numerous years, Academy Injury & Health has been providing personalized care for carpal tunnel for patients across Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia, PA. In addition to carpal tunnel pain relief, our team of chiropractors at Academy Injury & Health excel at a wide variety of services to our patients, including:

Are you looking for professional chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel? There’s no better place than Academy Injury & Health. If you are interested in learning more about our practice’s services in treating carpal tunnel without surgery, please contact us today or call (215) 637-1212 to schedule an appointment with our wonderful staff. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you restore comfort back into your life.

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